Project Description: 
Winter Conference gathers students from different cities, on different journeys, moving together toward exploring Christianity and toward a life well-lived. This year, the conference featured a new conference experience: paths. The four paths (Explore, Inspire, Multiply, Beyond) allow for students to customize their conference experience. Since we had this new aspect, we were tasked with refreshing the Winter Conference brand. The Winter Conference brand would then be applied across everything for the conference including print, web, social media, and on-site assets.
Design Description: 
Each path is represented by an icon. These icons were applied throughout the brand, featuring two main applications: subtle larger background patterns with all icons, and smaller patterns with individual icons. The designs explored having more white in designs, but also flipping it and having more colors in designs. Our team wanted to design pieces that explored the brand differently, but ultimately looked cohesive and could work all together.
Team Members/Roles:
Tiffany Wooten: Creative Director
Rachael Abbott: Senior Designer
Sonal Mecwan: Designer
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