Project Description
Shokz is an open-ear headphone company with patented bone conduction earphone technology. For consumers, Shokz works toward pushing the boundaries of the conventional listening experience. Shokz embodies the principle of being open in everything you do and everywhere you are, whether it be your surroundings, change, new ideas, or exciting adventures. As a designer at Shokz, we are challenged to create marketing assets that showcase the product, its features, and its uses while still designing creative and functional pieces. 
Design Description: 
With the Shokz brand, we strive to make simple and clean designs that allow the products to take center stage. Lifestyle photography or product renderings are used in marketing assets to showcase the headphones. The Shokz color palette primarily uses white, grays, and blacks with the signature Shokz orange in specific use cases. Patterns may be added into designs to create texture and give dimension. 

All lifestyle photography was shot by Caleb Kerr.
Team Members/Roles:
Carl Longhurst: Design Manager
Michael Todd: Senior Designer
Sonal Mecwan: Designer
Social Media Graphics
Rebrand Announcement Graphics
Instagram Story Stickers
Icon Design (Instagram Story Highlights)
Product Photography