Project Description: 
Fashion has always been a passion of mine and something I enjoy keeping up with. I follow and research many fashion brands, and I’m always intrigued by how they use design to shape their brand. I was inspired to create something of my own, so I challenged myself to build a brand using my own content and bring it to life with design. The fashion styling was inspired by the personal style of my good friend and pictured model, Lee: put together but laid back. All photos were styled, photographed, and edited by me. 
Design Description:
The photography has a mix of styles: more serious photos as well as fun and playful ones. I selected a serif typeface in order to create a more classic and polished feel. I created custom lettering for the brand for a lighthearted feel which supported the main typography. The style of the lettering is a quickly written script, bright and nimble. To tie in the laid back feel of Lee’s personal style into the brand, I used lighter elements such as lettering and icons. Dark and neutral colors were used for the brand to give it a classic feel, and balance it out.
Creative Director, Designer, Photographer, Lettering Artist
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