Project Description:
LearningCurv is a technology services brand that equips professionals with the skills and resources they need to master their Salesforce platforms. The business has built a solid reputation as experts in the industry and has helped hundreds of companies get more out of the technology they invest in.

The main goal of establishing the LearningCurv brand was to humanize the brand to show potential clients who they are partnering with. The brand was reimagined to show the front-facing relationship that clients will have with the people that will be working with them to curate all their Salesforce needs. All photography done for the brand was taken and edited in-house.
Design Description:
The design uses navy blue, coral, and baby pink accents to complement the brand. We used a dark hue as the primary color, but then a very bright color to create contrast. Linear icons were used to display the different facets of the brand. Sketchy, hand-drawn design elements were used to add to the existing linear icons. The main focus of the brand is in the photography, in which we wanted to show the natural facial expressions of the team.
Team Members/Roles:
Yeojin Jang: Creative Director, Senior Visual & Brand Designer
Sonal Mecwan: Visual & Brand Designer
Visual Design
The LearningCurv website is where all of our clients and partners are directed to in order to understand our services and offerings on a more in-depth level. We wanted the website to be consistent with the branding, using our contrasting color palette to bring attention to the most important parts of the website. The website was made to be easy to navigate and engaging to interact with. Using WordPress and Elementor, we created a responsive design for the website to make it suitable for both mobile and tablet use.
Blog Styling
The LearningCurv blog details best practices within Salesforce and Pardot. We wanted to style the blog header illustrations in a way that connected to the topic being discussed. A mix of simple icon illustrations and hand-drawn visuals were used in the different blog headers.
Sales Collateral Design
The sales team at LearningCurv uses sales collateral to inform potential clients and partners about LearningCurv's services. We made sure to design the printed collateral to be eye-catching and highlight the services we can provide for clients. Contrasting color blocks and different hierarchical headings were used to signify different sections of the piece. Brand icons were used in the sales collateral to make a seamless experience and establish a connection to the LearningCurv website.
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