Project Description:
Work in a team of four to brand, market, and design the 2018 AIGA Design Educator's Conference. Create a branding identity to be used across all conference collateral. Prototype and code a responsive website for the conference. Test and refine ideas using User Experience Methodology including personas, information architectures, scenario design, empathy maps, expectation maps, user testing, contextual interviews, and ideation.
Design Description: 
“Changing Directions” was generated through the idea of going against what you would normally do. For the artwork, we explored flipped text, bold colors, and arrow vectors. It was attached to AIGA branding with pushing the boundaries of design. Ultimately, this idea was pushed and became our conference identity. Our website was coded using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4, and fullpage.js.
Team Members/Roles:
Gregory Taxerman: Website Designer, UX Researcher
Sonal Mecwan: Brand Designer, UX Researcher
Megan Dunlop: UI Designer, UX Researcher
Kristine Fong: UI Designer, UX Researcher
Information Architecture of Website 
Branding Evolution
User Testing
Concept Ideation
Conference Marketing Collateral
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